Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Topaz Mist’ 442960-104


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Product Description:
The Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Topaz Mist’ embodies the perfect blend of style and functionality. Its sleek design and vibrant color scheme make it an ideal choice for sneaker enthusiasts. Crafted to perfection, these sneakers showcase the impeccable craftsmanship that Air Jordan is renowned for.

1. Trendsetting Design: The Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Topaz Mist’ features a modern silhouette that instantly catches the eye. Its unique combination of colors, including white, topaz mist, and tourmaline, provides a refreshing twist to the classic Jordan design.
2. Exceptional Comfort: Designed with the utmost comfort in mind, these sneakers come equipped with a cushioned midsole that provides optimal support to the wearer’s feet. Whether you’re hitting the court or going for a casual stroll, these sneakers ensure all-day comfort.
3. Durability at its Best: The Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Topaz Mist’ is constructed using premium materials to ensure lasting durability. From the high-quality leather upper to the sturdy rubber outsole, these sneakers are built to withstand the test of time.
4. Iconic Branding: Displaying the iconic Jumpman logo on the tongue and heel, these sneakers instantly deliver a statement of style and authenticity.

– SKU: 442960-104
– Brand: Nike
– Model: Air Jordan 7 Retro
– Colorway: White/Topaz Mist/Tourmaline
– Midsole: Cushioned for enhanced comfort
– Closure: Lace-up closure for a secure fit
– Upper Material: Premium leather for durability and style
– Outsole: Rubber outsole for traction and grip

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Topaz Mist’ is a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability. With its trendsetting design, exceptional comfort, and iconic branding, these sneakers are sure to make a statement wherever you go. Add them to your collection today and experience the unmatched quality that Air Jordan brings.


US M4 / W5.5 = UK3.5 = EU36, US M4.5 / W6 = UK4 = EU36.5, US M5 / W6.5 = UK4.5 = EU37.5, US M5.5 / W7 = UK5 = EU38, US M6 / W7.5 = UK5.5 = EU38.5, US M6.5 / W8 = UK6 = EU39, US M7 / W8.5 = UK6 = EU40


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